Lake Pareloup and Lake Gourde

  • Access : Situated within the district of Salles-Curan, 30km south-east of Rodez, Lake Pareloup is an attractive site for many wintering birds. To the north-east of Lake Pareloup lies Lake Gourde (district of Canet-de-Salars) which provides the same ornithological interest despite its inferior size.
  • IGN map : 2440 Ouest (1/25000).
  • Best time to visit : Winter.
  • Key birds :
    • Winter : Black Throated Diver, Great Northern Diver, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe ; Black-necked Grebe, Shelduck, plus many dabbling and diving ducks.

translated by Robert Straughan.

Great Crested Grebe – Patrice Geniez